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I had a recent client express they wished it were easier to find my portfolio on my site. Truth is, I’ve never really put one together! Just the blog posts of my clients that I share. So I thought I’d put one post together of some of my favorites for a one click review for those interested.


2016 has been a year of tremendous personal growth for me.  It started with a commitment to my health as I was at a low point with my self esteem after a tremendous professional year in 2015 that resulted in me being put on the back burner. I had gained quite a bit of weight and felt depressed and unhappy with myself.   I made excuses to not go to the water park with my husband and kids because I didn’t want to have to put on a bathing suit in public. I shied away from social gatherings because I didn’t want to be around people or feel “less than”.

After committing to my health, and seeing results that inspired me to keep going, the results of my physical improvement resulted in so much more confidence in all aspects of my lift. I felt like a better business woman, better wife, and better mom as a result of the gained confidence in myself.

Several weeks ago I made a comment on a fellow photographer’s (Lindsay Rae) Instagram. I believe I said something like, “You are on my list of photographers I want to be photographed one day.”  To which surprisingly she replied with something like, “OMG Miranda, you are on my list too! You should come to New York the first weekend in December for my 30th birthday bash!”

2015 Miranda would have been like “Oh yeah sure!” and then made an excuse as to why I couldn’t go. It would have been easy to say I had a family commitment, financially couldn’t make it happen, etc. etc.

2016 Miranda said, “Yes! I’m coming!”

And then before I knew it I found myself traveling to New York City, alone, uberring my way through a city I’d never been to before, and hanging out with some of the most talented photographers in our industry. Photographers whose work I have admired for years. And now I was in front of their cameras. And even better, whom I got to photograph as well!

I’ve seen a few images of myself by the others, and it’s just the icing on the cake to my 2016. Capping off the year with photos to document my  commitment this year to improving myself. It’s incredible.  I will share some with all of you when I can. <3

For now, here are a few of my images from the trip!

Alex Charilaou of Ever Photography and finance Paula Broome.
2016-12-17_0001 2016-12-17_0002 2016-12-17_0003 2016-12-17_0004
Lindsay brought some friends along, it was her birthday after all!  I had the pleasure of photographing each of them as well. Erin is Lindsay’s incredible make-up artist.  The definition of Bombshell, and as sweet as can be.
2016-12-17_0005 2016-12-17_0006 2016-12-17_0007 2016-12-17_0008 2016-12-17_0009 2016-12-17_0010

Kitty, the free spirit. I just adore you. <3 2016-12-17_0011 2016-12-17_0012 2016-12-17_0013 2016-12-17_0014 2016-12-17_0015 2016-12-17_0016

The beautiful Lindsay Rae herself!  <3 Her talent is not to be outdone by her kind soul.  2016-12-17_0017 2016-12-17_0018 2016-12-17_0019 2016-12-17_0020 2016-12-17_0021 2016-12-17_0022
Lindsay’s bff Liz. <3  2016-12-17_0023 2016-12-17_0024
And Sara, also such a beauty and sweet soul I can’t wait to meet again some day!
2016-12-17_0025 2016-12-17_0026 2016-12-17_0027 2016-12-17_0028 2016-12-17_0029 2016-12-17_0030 2016-12-17_0031 2016-12-17_0032 2016-12-17_0033

Not photographed but much a part of the weekend was my roomie and beautiful Aussie friend, Kristina of Owl and Otter Photography (next time my friend). And lovely Agnes of Yellow Brick Collective who blessed so many of us with her skills behind the camera (and I’ll be sure to get her in front of next time as well!)

The beauty of this trip is that with ALL the incredible talent and beautiful people there were ZERO egos. None. It was a breath of fresh air to be around such kind, hilarious (SO FUNNY), and creative people.

Until next time my friends!

2016 Miranda

In November I traveled to New Orleans for the Association of International Boudoir Photographers annual retreat. 3 days of learning and hanging out/photographing other boudoir photographers around the world. Amy is a boudoir photographer at Amy Peacock Boudoir, out of Louisiana. I’ve met her twice now at various boudoir conferences, and just adore her! So glad to have had a little time to photographer her, and for her allowing me to share. <3

2016-12-13_0001 2016-12-13_0002 2016-12-13_0003 2016-12-13_0005 2016-12-13_0006 2016-12-13_0007 2016-12-13_0008 2016-12-13_0009 2016-12-13_0010 2016-12-13_0011 2016-12-13_0012 2016-12-13_0013

“When a friend showed me her album by Miranda, I was in awe and a bit jealous! I could tell there would be no one better to trust for a boudoir session! I was originally nervous going in, but I am so glad that I did! Miranda immediately put me at ease. She made me feel comfortable, confident, and sexy. When I got the photos back I was blown away! She completely captured my personality and I truly appreciate that. I’m ecstatic to give this gift to my husband, but I am thrilled that I have this as a gift to myself as well.”

2016-12-15_0001 2016-12-15_0002

Early last month I had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans for the AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers) annual retreat. 3 days of learning, playing, and meeting new friends from around the world. Miss A, who is a boudoir photographer in Chicago at Demi Girl Boudoir, was one of my roomies and one morning we took just a few minutes to play out on the balcony of our airbnb.

Love the results!  2016-12-13_0014 2016-12-13_0015 2016-12-13_0017 2016-12-13_0019 2016-12-13_0021 2016-12-13_0022 2016-12-13_0023

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