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Last month I traveled to Boston on a little trip with my husband. When a dear friend found out we would be in the area, we talked about getting together. And boudoir was brought up. I know it’s something she has wanted to do, so we set up a time during my visit for her to have a session.  We have known each other for 13 years online, meeting in a babycenter.com forum when we were pregnant with our first born!   I’m so glad to have finally met this lovely woman and friend in person and been able to share my gift with her, showing her how beautiful she is from the inside out. <3

Miss H said it better than ever could myself. I’m going to share her words from a personal Instagram post…

“I’m going to get super personal here. I stepped out of my comfort zone last week and had a photo shoot with @mirandaparkerboudoir.  Most of you don’t know, but in the last 10 years, I have gone from a size 28 down to a 4/6. Starting at 330 lbs, to 187 lbs, back up to 228 lbs, down to 150, then down to 140, and now back to 150. Every step of the way I thought “I’m gonna be soooo happy when I…..” The goal was the same, I wanted to look good, feel good, be a certain weight, be a certain size. Yet, when I got to that weight or size, I still wasn’t happy with my body. I realized that no matter what size, I still had body image issues. Boudoir was one of the things I had on my bucket list, yet never imagined I’d have the balls to do. But when my good friend Miranda (I’ve known her for close to 13 years now!) planned a stop in Boston for a little getaway, I decided to go for it. I was sick to my stomach for a week leading up to it. But Miranda instantly made me feel comfortable and we laughed through the whole shoot. After it was done, I was so proud of myself for going through with it. And I felt confident, beautiful, happy with myself. My self esteem was boosted and my smile was HUGE. I have friends who constantly say negative things about themselves, things that I say about myself. And yet when I look at these friends, I see pure beauty, no matter their size or weight. Instead of seeing what they see in the mirror, I wish my friends could see what I see when I look at them. Last week I was able to look at myself through others eyes. That was the gift that Miranda gave me. The photos she took of me were truly a gift. Instead of picking each picture apart (as I normally do to myself), I saw myself as my Husband says he sees me. Instead of saying how fat I look, how old I look, how flabby my belly is, I saw how beautiful I am. And since last week, that is how I have felt. Ladies, I suggest you book Miranda ASAP. You will not regret it.”
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Sexy, edgy, hot, classy (yes you can shoot sexy and still keep it classy) artistic… those are words I hear often from others describing my style. Which is awesome because that is how I strive to shoot! At my boudoir workshop, I teach how I pose and use natural light and shadows to achieve the signature look of my images. If you’re looking to push your boudoir photography to the next level, this workshop is for you!
Fall Workshop Date Set!

When: Saturday October 22nd, 2016

Location: Ithaca, MI (Miranda Parker Boudoir Studio)

General Timeline:
9:30-10am – Arrive, light breakfast/snacks, introductions
10am – Model Hair and Make-Up & Wardrobe Selection (4 outfits chosen)
11:00-1:30 – Photo Shoot – Client Pep Talk, Posing Explained, Attendees Shoot
1:30 – Lunch (provided) + Q & A
3:00(ish) – Say Goodbye

Cost: $599 – $199 deposit to hold a seat, Balance due one week prior to workshop.

Attendees receive my Client Welcome Guide PDF detailing how I prepare my clients for their shoot. Client prep is SUPER important to the final outcome of your images!

Posing is crucial to boudoir photography! Attendees receive a hand out of my posing checklist. Details matter! I spell out the mental posing check list that runs through my head as I pose each client.

All attendees get to shoot for portfolio building.

To reserve a spot, please send an email to mp.photography@live.com (or via the contact tab above) with your full name and link to your photography website or Facebook page so I can verify you are (on some level) a photographer.


“WOW Miranda!! I am absolutely blown away and can honestly say that I have never felt more beautiful in my life!!!

I am so glad that I pushed myself (far) out of my comfort zone to do this. I entered your studio with the most gigantic butterflies in my stomach and left feeling incredible and empowered!

Thank you for capturing such amazing photos and making me feel so confident and sexy!!! How am I going to hide these from my husband until our Anniversary?!?”

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Summertime is always filled with sexy brides to be! Makes me smile to think of all the grooms opening their gifts on the wedding or honeymoon. <3

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You guys, I don’t even know where to start with this woman…

I wrote this in my private facebook group the day I photographed Miss C…

“Have you ever met someone who just has a spirit about them that you can’t get enough of? Today’s client was that someone. My first client over 50, breast cancer survivor and currently being treated for melanoma. Yet so much positivity just oozing. It may have taken several years for her to get in front of my camera, but I’m SO glad it finally happened.”

And then she wrote me after her shoot…

“Miranda, you have forever changed my life. I am writing this because if I were to try to say this in person – I wouldn’t be able to muddle through the tears. I have NEVER, EVER felt pretty until last Monday. Not at homecoming or prom… not even on my wedding day… and I thought my sexuality had been ripped out of me 7 years ago with my breast cancer diagnosis. I can’t thank you enough for the magic you created… From somewhere deep inside confidence and acceptance came through and for that – I am eternally grateful. You are MAGIC, my dear. You have my permission to share the black and white image in my husband’s shirt. My hope is to give hope to someone who doubts their beauty – regardless of age, weight or the journey we’ve been through. Again I can’t thank you enough for showing me I really am pretty.”

I am CERTAIN that you are giving hope to so many women, Miss C. Myself included. Much love.


  • Carrie Powell - The depth of your beauty is boundless in this photo. You are strong and stunning.

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