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    Contrary to what some people may think, boudoir photography is not just about taking sexy pictures of women in very little clothing. Yes of course that is part of the fun, but to me, boudoir photography is about empowering women and showing you how beautiful you are from the inside out. Boudoir is about the inner confidence that shines through when you feel amazing on the outside. Yes, I can also help you knock the socks off of your husband, boyfriend, or partner. But in the end, boudoir becomes a gift to yourself that tops all others. I encourage you to give yourself that gift. You deserve it.

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As someone who does not like to be the center of attention, I was slightly anxious being the lone subject of a photograph; no one else to divert the attention to! Miranda was made for this job though, she put me right at ease from the moment she welcomed me into her studio. Her personality is calming and warm, and I soon came to realize that I didn’t need to worry about being in front of the camera since she directed during the shoot – you know that you’re getting good images since they are coming from her professional eye.

How girly I felt! Even though I love love love makeup and fashion, it’s not everyday that hair + makeup + outfit are all done and coordinating! I felt glamorous and pretty.

She was hands-down THE BEST. I live over two hours away from her studio, but was happy to make the drive if it meant booking with her. When I first searched for boudoir photographers I had actually started to think I might not do it as so many of the photos I was finding were cheesy or too over the top. But then I found Miranda’s work, which was absolutely beautiful and tastefully seductive. The caliber of her photos were unmatched.

Yes! I was consistently surprised by the beauty she captured; I kept thinking “that’s me?!” during the photo reveal!

Yes, yes, yes! This was a great experience, from start to finish.

I was extremely nervous about my session. I had not eaten that morning because I was so nervous. Miranda and Lacey were so great in helping me get more comfortable with the idea of it all.

I couldn’t pick out a specific part that I liked best. The whole experience was amazing and I could not be more happy with the results. But if I had to choose it would be the beginning of the shoot. Starting off, being my first time on the other side of the camera was kind of a rush that I was really excited to get.

I chose Miranda because her work is amazing. I did some looking at various photographers and hers was hands down my absolute favorite.

Of course! I have never been more excited to look at pictures of myself than after this shoot. I can’t get enough of the fact that they are of me. I even gave my husband an early sneak peek at them, I couldn’t wait until our anniversary!

Definitely! I would even love to do this again for maternity photos some day. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Yes! I was very apprehensive not knowing Miranda and having to be in such a vulnerable position–I am not a very confident person when it comes to what most people consider “sexy” or “hot” , “beautiful” etc….those were all words I never thought I would feel about myself. You made me feel instantly more comfortable and showing me some of the pictures really made me feel like I could trust you to make me look good! So thank you!!

I loved getting my hair done–that was a treat. Also seeing the snapshots along the way was great way for me to feel more comfortable. I liked that.

I had seen some of the pictures on social media that Miranda had done for other ladies and read some of the comments from those who did it first. They all had such great things to say, and the pictures were amazing. All shapes , sizes, etc and they all looked gorgeous!!!

Would you recommend this experience to a friend?

DEFINITELY recommend this experience for ANYONE ! It was empowering.

  • This was my second session with Miranda.  My first session was a traditional boudoir shoot as a gift to my husband on our wedding day. I remember posing then and thinking to myself, there’s no way this is going to look pretty or turn out like any of the other photos I’ve seen. When Miranda invited me to come for my photo reveal, I sat there with tears in my eyes because the photos I was looking at were actually me! I was so excited to give these to my husband, and the look on his face was one I’ll never forget. He has always told me how beautiful I am, but for the first time I believed him. The photos made me feel confident, beautiful and sexy. When we got pregnant I knew exactly who I wanted to capture this beautiful moment in our lives. Again, Miranda exceeded all of my expectations.  Miranda captured the exact look that I was looking for and she made us feel totally comfortable. She is a true artist and I would recommend her to anyone!

The atmosphere. I loved that you could take someone out of their everyday life and put them in this atmosphere with the hair, makeup, outfits, and music and you turn them in to a seductress.

I married my high school sweetheart. I have been with him for over half of my life and I wanted to surprise him with a gift that was out of the ordinary. Something that he would think I would never do and leave him soeachless all at once. I knew boudoir was it for our anniversary gift.

The photos. Once I saw Miranda’s style I knew that was it. I knew that no matter how self conscious I was or worried about losing weight that she has a talent of making every women feel and look beautiful.

Did the experience help give you a more positive perception of yourself?

It brought tears to my eye looking at the finished product. I was more nervous looking at the photos then getting my pictures taken half naked, partly because I wanted the photos to match what I felt while taking them (sexy, confinement, beautiful). I was overcome with emotion looking at my photos because I really looked beautiful! I know my husband says that often but I just didn’t feel beautiful any more. After having two children and being married 9 years, I fell into a habit of getting down on myself for the way I look. I kept telling myself that you have to lose weight to feel beautiful and I was so wrong!

Absolutely. This was such a confindence booster. I put more effort in how I look and I genuinely feel more sexy. It was worth every penny and probably more of a gift for me than him!

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