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    Contrary to what some people may think, boudoir photography is not just about taking sexy pictures of women in very little clothing. Yes of course that is part of the fun, but to me, boudoir photography is about empowering women and showing you how beautiful you are from the inside out. Boudoir is about the inner confidence that shines through when you feel amazing on the outside. Yes, I can also help you knock the socks off of your husband, boyfriend, or partner. But in the end, boudoir becomes a gift to yourself that tops all others. I encourage you to give yourself that gift. You deserve it.

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Yes, I had a lot of anticipation in the weeks approaching my session date. I went to Victoria’s Secret at least five time. I couldn’t make up my mind on what to wear. I had three body suits and ended up returning all of them only to purchase the original body suit all over again! But it truly hit me when my GPS said I was 5 minutes from my destination, and I was early…so I sat in my car with sweaty palms and giant butterflies. When it was time I took a deep breath, opened my car door, gathered my things and walked across the street. My nerves where gone once I walked through the door and the rest is in the photos.

It was so easy, Miranda is great and so kind and she knows what she is doing! She made me look my best ūüôā

I followed Miranda Parker Boudoir/Photography on social media for about a year after seeing my friend “like” Miranda’s page. I thought her photos were great but never thought I would actually ever do something like that. But on January 1st I made my New Year’s resolution…”Do something you’ve never done before, do something for you.” So I did, the next day I emailed Miranda to set up my session.

I think so, yes. I don’t feel sexy on a daily basis. Like most women, I lead a busy life…I run from on place to the next, throw my clothes on, a splash of make up, if your lucky I’ll do my hair, I’m tired 95% of the time. But in these photos….I look good, I look really good! I never thought that I could look like this or be one of “those” women in her photos. But I am! I am of those sexy, confident, beautiful women.

“Being a boudoir photographer myself, I wanted to put myself into my client’s position and see what it felt like from the other side of the camera. ¬†I have followed Miranda’s work in the boudoir photographer community and when i saw that she would be traveling close to me, I knew I had to get it done by her! ¬†I¬†also wanted to feel beautiful and sexy since it had been quite a long time since I’ve felt that way. I thought being a photographer that I wouldn’t be nervous since I sort of knew what to expect but the closer the date came the more nervous I got! ¬†I left the session feeling fantastic and feel even better after seeing the finished product! ¬†I think everyone should get to experience a boudoir session at least once in their life! It is such an empowering experience!”

Miss R

Miss A

Were you nervous about your session?

I was nervous. Surprisingly, I was not at all nervous about being half-naked and posing for photos with someone I had only talked to via phone and email. I was nervous that there was a strong possibility that I wasn’t going to be happy with my photos. That I wouldn’t look like the gorgeous women on your Instagram, Facebook and website. WOW, was I wrong! You were incredible. You told me literally everything you needed me to do – point your toes, arch your back, tilt your head, put your arm here, pop your booty! You downplayed the areas I was least comfortable with and focused on those I was most confident. You made me feel and look like those “models” on your social media. Little did I know…those are all normal women just like me!

I love the confidence it’s given me. I have never been satisfied with my body….EVER. At my skinniest; too thin, not muscular enough. At my fittest; not lean enough. I was never content and happy with my present state. That is, until this shoot. I’ll never forget the moment when you first showed me an image from behind the camera. I remember you saying, “Girl, look at your legs.” I was in awe and said, “Wait, that’s me? That’s me?!” (All while grinning like a fool). You responded, “Yes, that’s you! You’re gorgeous!” From that moment on, a switch flipped. Whenever I look at my photos, I’m reminded of how empowered I felt that day. It’s the most incredible feeling!

Prior to booking my shoot, I had been following you on Facebook for nearly 6 months. I fell head over heels in love with your work! I researched different boudoir photographers and no one compared. Your style is what I fell in love with. So classy, sexy, artistic, unique. You have a great eye!

OMG…where do I begin?! I joke with my husband all the time that, “I’m a woman of many faces.” The one I wear most often…confidence. I’m in sales and that’s part of the gig. But even though my professional self exudes confidence, I have never been 100% happy or satisfied with my body. When I initially booked the shoot, my goal was to be the most fit I had ever been. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I changed careers this past year and amongst the chaos, my workouts took a backseat. The day of my shoot came and I wasn’t my skinniest or most fit self. But there I stood in my blue body suit ready to bare it all. I had such high expectations for myself and would give anything to look like the sexy, stunning girls on your Facebook and Instagram. When you first showed me a glimpse from behind the camera I couldn’t believe that was ME. I was in shock. I was finally able to see what my husband sees. Following my shoot, my body image has never been better. I’m not so critical of myself. I appreciate my body and how strong it is. I can’t thank you enough for helping to give me that confidence. All women should feel this way.

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“I was nervous going in to the session, but knew Miranda would take great care of me. As soon as I arrived she made me feel at ease and the butterflies quickly disappeared. She has such a warmth and gentleness to her that immediately made me more comfortable.The entire experience was awesome. My confidence was immediately boosted as soon as I had my hair and makeup done. Then, Miranda showed me a couple pictures from the back of her camera and I felt like a rock star. The first sneak peak she sent was so breathtaking and my confidence soared. I can’t want to see my fiance’s reaction…that will probably be my favorite!
I knew that if I was going to have boudoir photos taken it would only be with Miranda. The beautiful and professional style of her pictures is unlike any other boudoir pictures I’ve seen. There was no way I was going to put myself out there like this¬†with anyone else.”

Miss J was one of my very first boudoir clients over 6 years ago! ¬†Since then, she’s become one of my boudoir hair and make-up stylists, my family stylist for myself and my kids, and I’ve photographed her engagement and wedding! ¬† Recently, we had a second boudoir session for her 1 year wedding anniversary. ¬†How gorgeous is she?! And so talented (she did her own hair and makeup for this shoot) as many of my other clients can attest.

I asked her how she felt about being in front of the camera a second time…

“I didn’t even feel like I was half naked the entire time. I felt like we were just chatting and complimenting each other. Seriously it was such an easy going experience that you really do forget that your in see through outfits or next to nothing outfits or nothing at all. You make the environment so comfortable and relaxing. Even though this is a “special gift” for my husband for our 1 year wedding anniversary. I wanted another go around at this boudoir shoot because I really try to take care of my body. I have gone through different periods in my life where I was heavier and then “skinny fat”. I feel like the last four years doing Crossfit I have gained a lot of confidence in not only my body but in myself. This is something I can always look back on as the years pass¬†and be like “Damn Jamie!” When I look at my photos I can honestly say I felt sexy, in control, and completely confident in myself.”

Thanks girl for allowing me to share some of your images, and thank you sharing your talent with my boudoir clients and myself! <3

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