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“Growing up, I was always the ugly duckling…the outcast. I went to school in a German community where all of the girls were blonde with straight hair, had blue eyes, and were drop dead gorgeous. I moved into that town as a dark, curly haired girl, with a Puerto Rican last name. Where did I fit in? Nowhere. More often than not, if people described me or got to know me, they would always say that I was different/unique. I used to be offended by that because I thought that was more of a put down than anything. As I got older, I started thinking that being told I was unique was actually a compliment…and I started to embrace it.

I’ve always struggled with loving my body and being extremely self conscious. I always hated this body part, that body part, wished something was different, or wished that I looked like someone else. I never felt confident in my own skin. No matter how I felt about myself, I would still hear, “You look great, you don’t need to lose any weight, you’re perfect the way you are, why don’t you ever see yourself the way others see you?.”. I never believed those people that complimented me because of the way that I grew up. I would just casually accept their compliment and tell myself it meant nothing…convinced that they were lying to me.

Fast forwarding to my early 30s. I had three kids at this point, dropped 22 pounds, and looked the best I had ever looked in my life. I had always wanted to do a boudoir session, and actually had one scheduled a few times, but I would always cancel it because I still didn’t think I looked good enough…I wanted to be PERFECT. Yes, don’t we all?! When will we ever be fully happy with ourselves though? We are always going to hate this or that and say we want to get into shape first, or drop a few pounds before we do it.
I discovered Miranda through shooting boudoir photography myself, and I fell in love!! Her style is EXACTLY what I love and she has the ability to make ANYONE look absolutely amazing!!! I knew that if I was ever going to do a boudoir session, it had to be with her, and it would be a dream come true once it happened. Well her and Sheer Photography (whom I also love equally) announced they were doing a workshop (Boudoir Exposed) with the option of adding on your own session the following day. There was NO WAY I was going to pass that up!! So I signed up and knew I’d have about seven months or so to get into shape. I ended up working so much, that I wasn’t able to reach my goals, and almost cancelled, but then I was like, screw it…I have to do this for me. I need to see myself the way that others see me. Now I’m just a few years shy of 40 and I finally did it!! I got to witness what my clients go through, how they feel when their session is done, and I had the thrill of seeing that email that said my photos were ready!! Seeing the photos that Miranda captured blew me away!!! Even though I would love to have changed a few things about my body before that session, I am still ecstatic over the way that I look, and I know now that I shouldn’t be ashamed of anything. If we gave as much attention to the things we love about ourselves, as we do dwelling over the things we hate, we would love ourselves more…and more consistently. I know that when I’m 80 years old and look back on these photos, I’m going to be like, “Dayum, that’s me…I was smokin’ ass hot…I would do anything to have that body back again!!”! I did this session for ME and only me, and I will cherish these photographs for as long as I shall live. Miranda and the makeup/hair artists made me feel so badass and fierce! The team allowed me to stay true to who I really am, in the looks department, but tweaked it all to a whole other level. I felt gorgeous when I looked in that mirror for the first time!! Miranda made me feel so sexy and exotic during my session! She posed me perfectly; making sure to hide certain insecurities, while enhancing all of my assets. I would highly recommend doing a boudoir shoot for yourself…it’s more than sexy lingerie and erotic images…it’s about loving yourself and realizing how beautiful you really are!! In the hustle and bustle of the world we live in now, it is easy to lose ourselves…often times these sessions are a way to find yourself again. Thank you so much, Miranda!!

Were you nervous for your session?

I am blessed enough to have worked with Miranda before. This is how I know she is the best at her craft: the first time I did my boudoir shoot with her (a wedding gift for my husband), there was this element of excitement and that made it a defining moment in my life, and an unforgettable experience. The connection she provides with her work–and even more her beautiful soul–truly impacted me. And this time? There was an element of trust. I knew that no matter what, these pictures would be perfect, the experience would be perfect. She was the only one to do it. It is SO wonderful to be able place my trust in someone who is capturing such intimate moments. The ability to build those elements upon each other is truly the mark of a life-changing, amazing person [photographer]. And of course the experience was an absolute dream. And my husband knew how much he LOVED the photos of only me, so he was excited to have some, just as special, of the two of us!

Knowing that no matter how goofy we felt together in the moment, that each photo would be its own work of art. Somewhere, between all the laughs and casual conversation, Miranda was carefully working to capture intimate, defining images of the two of us and our love together.

We’ve been so blessed to spend a lot of happy years together, which means a lot of photos! But we have nothing like this. There’s something very special about the connection between a husband and wife. The fire of your shared passion and intimacy is something no one else will ever have or know–it is uniquely yours. How Miranda captured it, I’ll never understand, but in these photos, I see so much more than the man I fell in love with. It’s all the reasons why and it’s the sensuality that keeps things exciting after 10 years. This is the gift of a lifetime.

“Several years ago, one of my friends did a boudoir shoot for her fiance as her wedding gift to him. The moment she showed me her photos, I knew I had to do that for my boyfriend at the time. Now, we are finally about to get married. There are tons of decisions to be made when planning a wedding, but doing a boudoir shoot for my fiance was by far one of the easiest ones I’ve made. And giving him this book is one of the things I am most looking forward to!

As I searched online for boudoir photographers, nearly all of them photographed in a style I wasn’t interested in, more light and airy. I was looking for a photography style that was sexy and seductive. When I came across Miranda’s photography, her style was exactly what I had been looking for. I was completely thrilled… until I realized her studio was 2 hours away. I couldn’t possibly drive that far for a photo shoot, and so I continued my online search. But I kept coming back to her website. I wanted to feel proud when my fiance saw my photos. No reservations. I felt so confident that my photos would turn out perfectly if I booked my boudoir session with Miranda. Eventually, I came to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be happy with anyone else, and I booked my session. The 2 hour drive was worth it a thousand times over.”


“The whole experience was a real treat to myself. Getting my hair and make up done is rare and it always makes me feel special. It was nice being around positive women with positive, encouraging words.  I had no one in mind for these photos other than myself. I wanted to see what my inner transformation looked like from the outside. The way I feel about myself mentally has changed more than anything physically over the past few years. I was hoping to see that shine through and I did!  Reflecting on these photos will be a pleasant reminder to be bold and pursue anything my heart desires.”

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