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Last weekend I held my first Boudoir workshop with the primary focus being posing.  We brought in two models for the day, Shelby and Michelle and they did an amazing job. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the photos coming in from the attendees and how they are using them to help promote themselves. I think the day was a success and I hope to do it again in the future if there is continued interest!  Here are some of the images I came away with from the day…

Shelby is an aspiring model who is moving to California in the fall to pursue her career further.  She’s simply stunning and I think she’ll be wildly successful. We all wish her the best!

mirandaparkerboudoir-11 mirandaparkerboudoir-17 mirandaparkerboudoir-26 mirandaparkerboudoir-16 mirandaparkerboudoir-19 mirandaparkerboudoir-28bw mirandaparkerboudoir-30bw mirandaparkerboudoir-51 mirandaparkerboudoir-39 mirandaparkerboudoir-19bw mirandaparkerboudoir-10 mirandaparkerboudoir-58

One of the questions I get asked most frequently by potential clients is, “Do you ever photograph anyone who isn’t a size 2?” or “I’d like to do a shoot, but I don’t look like the clients you usually photograph.” My reply is always the same.  I photograph women of all shapes, sizes, ages, color, etc. All women are beautiful and I love to show them their beauty and how others see them, even when they may not see it themselves.  I’m only allowed to share photos with client permission, so the photos you see on facebook and my blog are just a very small portion of the clients I’ve actually photographed.  I decided I wanted a full figured model for my workshop so that I have images I can direct people to online when people ask me this, and because I also get asked by other photographers for tips on shooting curvy clients.   I randomly found the fabulous Michelle on facebook, and she was so awesome to work with. Thank you Michelle for being a part of my workshop!

mirandaparkerboudoir-20 mirandaparkerboudoir-18 mirandaparkerboudoir-13 mirandaparkerboudoir-12 mirandaparkerboudoir-15 mirandaparkerboudoir-10 mirandaparkerboudoir-34 mirandaparkerboudoir-32 mirandaparkerboudoir-29 mirandaparkerboudoir-37 mirandaparkerboudoir-40 mirandaparkerboudoir-11 mirandaparkerboudoir-45 mirandaparkerboudoir-50

And a shot with all my workshop crew!  Thank you all so much for helping make this a successful event!

Last weekend I got together with some fellow boudoir/beauty photographers for some just for fun shooting.  Brian Houle   hosted us in his Bay City studio. I had a great time meeting  new people and practicing with some alternate forms of light . Here are a few from the day… a mix of natural and studio light, but all beautiful thanks to our stunning model!

michiganboudoirphotographer-33 michiganboudoirphotographer-44 michiganboudoirphotographer-46 michiganboudoirphotographer-15 michiganboudoirphotographer-10 michiganboudoirphotographer-35

  • Jennifer Darcey - Loooove the second last one the most! All are amazing, but that B&W is totally my fav!ReplyCancel

Last summer I had a client request an outdoor boudoir shoot. I was all about it!  In fact, I think I am going to have a day of boudoir marathons outside this summer because I enjoyed it so much.  Here is just a tiny glimpse…

mpb-15 mpb-28bw mpb-63

Another gorgeous past client has come forward this week to allow me to share a couple images from her session. This session was quite a few months ago so she was worried I wouldn’t care to share any more.  Note to all past clients: I want to share! I love to share! Without you awesome and brave ladies letting me share your images and your stories, I would not be anywhere near where I am today in my boudoir business.  I thank you so so much for it!

mpboudoir-29crop mpboudoir-37crop

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I am excited to announce that I will be holding my first boudoir workshop!
I was presented the opportunity by my friend Mary, a co-owner of Studio M Portraits in Holt, MI, to present at their studio to other photographers my knowledge on the art of boudoir.
I’m honored to be asked and am eager to teach others some of what I’ve learned along the way, shooting boudoir for the past 3 years.

Details below!

Date: March 8th, 2014
Workshop is open to 10 attendees.

10:00 – light breakfast
10:30 – shooting and posing Model 1
12:00 – lunch
1:00 – shooting and posing Model 2 (workin’ it with curves)
2:30 – question and answer, prize drawings! We are working on some awesome prizes for attendees. 🙂
3:30 – say goodbye

**Attendees will have the opportunity to shoot models and use images for your portfolio.

Cost –  $700  $650 for the next person who signs up!

**A $200 deposit is required to hold your seat.  Remaining balance due 1 week prior to workshop.

Registration: How Do You Sign Up?

Those who are interested will need to submit an email request to myself at mp.photography@live.com with the subject title: Workshop.I will be screening entries for the safety of our models. We want to be careful to not let just anyone with a dSLR camera in to take pictures.
Please include in your email your location and a link to your boudoir website and/or facebook page. If you do not have boudoir specific online presence at this time, links to your regular website/fb pages are fine. 

F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m