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The third “model” from Level Up was this gorgeous mama. She was so appreciative of getting to spend some time with us, getting all dolled up and pampered for the day. It’s not something moms of young children get to do often! I just loved working with her so much!

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I spent 3 days this week in Columbus, OH attending a Boudoir Master Class held by Petra Hermann of Bella Boudoir.  Petra is located in Kansas City, but the class was hosted at the amazing Columbus Boudoir studio, owned by Heather Walker.  Day one of the class  was a bonus day with all of us attending photographers just getting to know each other… and photographing each other! It was so much getting to be in front of the camera and photographed by such incredibly talented people.  I may share some of my images here when I get them all. We’ll see. 😉

Over the next two days we learned so much and photographed 4 models. I use the term models, but none of these women were actual models. They were all moms, with no modeling experience, who answered a casting call. Women just like I photograph every day!  I’m going to do a blog post for each of the beautiful ladies who were so gracious and wonderful to work with!

First up is Miss A…
mpb-106 mpb-92 mpb-93 mpb-87 mpb-125 mpb-123

Last weekend I held my first Boudoir workshop with the primary focus being posing.  We brought in two models for the day, Shelby and Michelle and they did an amazing job. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the photos coming in from the attendees and how they are using them to help promote themselves. I think the day was a success and I hope to do it again in the future if there is continued interest!  Here are some of the images I came away with from the day…

Shelby is an aspiring model who is moving to California in the fall to pursue her career further.  She’s simply stunning and I think she’ll be wildly successful. We all wish her the best!

mirandaparkerboudoir-11 mirandaparkerboudoir-17 mirandaparkerboudoir-26 mirandaparkerboudoir-16 mirandaparkerboudoir-19 mirandaparkerboudoir-28bw mirandaparkerboudoir-30bw mirandaparkerboudoir-51 mirandaparkerboudoir-39 mirandaparkerboudoir-19bw mirandaparkerboudoir-10 mirandaparkerboudoir-58

One of the questions I get asked most frequently by potential clients is, “Do you ever photograph anyone who isn’t a size 2?” or “I’d like to do a shoot, but I don’t look like the clients you usually photograph.” My reply is always the same.  I photograph women of all shapes, sizes, ages, color, etc. All women are beautiful and I love to show them their beauty and how others see them, even when they may not see it themselves.  I’m only allowed to share photos with client permission, so the photos you see on facebook and my blog are just a very small portion of the clients I’ve actually photographed.  I decided I wanted a full figured model for my workshop so that I have images I can direct people to online when people ask me this, and because I also get asked by other photographers for tips on shooting curvy clients.   I randomly found the fabulous Michelle on facebook, and she was so awesome to work with. Thank you Michelle for being a part of my workshop!

mirandaparkerboudoir-20 mirandaparkerboudoir-18 mirandaparkerboudoir-13 mirandaparkerboudoir-12 mirandaparkerboudoir-15 mirandaparkerboudoir-10 mirandaparkerboudoir-34 mirandaparkerboudoir-32 mirandaparkerboudoir-29 mirandaparkerboudoir-37 mirandaparkerboudoir-40 mirandaparkerboudoir-11 mirandaparkerboudoir-45 mirandaparkerboudoir-50

And a shot with all my workshop crew!  Thank you all so much for helping make this a successful event!

Last weekend I got together with some fellow boudoir/beauty photographers for some just for fun shooting.  Brian Houle   hosted us in his Bay City studio. I had a great time meeting  new people and practicing with some alternate forms of light . Here are a few from the day… a mix of natural and studio light, but all beautiful thanks to our stunning model!

michiganboudoirphotographer-33 michiganboudoirphotographer-44 michiganboudoirphotographer-46 michiganboudoirphotographer-15 michiganboudoirphotographer-10 michiganboudoirphotographer-35

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