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I had a blast working with Miss A! Clearly she’s a knock out, but like most of my clients she was a bit timid and worried that she wouldn’t know what do during her shoot. I always reassure every client that I pose you from head to toe, and she took direction beautifully as you can see!  We did a few sets at my studio and then headed to her home to take some pictures with her husband’s car as a surprise for his birthday. Lucky guy!!

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I love to shoot groups and it’s actually something I do quite frequently!  Usually it’s close friends who want to do something fun together.  Everyone has their own private session, but they all come together and spend the day getting pampered. There’s always lots of laughter and fun had!  If you’d like more info on group parties, click HERE.

Last month I had a bride and her bridesmaids in for a boudoir party. I’m so excited to have permission to share so you all can see how much fun it is!

And I just want to give a big thank you to these gorgeous ladies for allowing me to share their images. Also thank you for trusting me, for being adventurous, for taking some risks, and really just knocking it out of the park with your sessions. I’m really proud of all of you, I know there were some nerves and apprehension but you all did AMAZING and I loved working with each of you. 🙂

The lovely bride, Miss A.

2014-07-15_0004 2014-07-15_0005
2014-07-15_0007 2014-07-15_0008 2014-07-15_0009 2014-07-15_0010 2014-07-15_0011 2014-07-15_0012 2014-07-15_0013 2014-07-15_0014 2014-07-15_0015 2014-07-15_0016 2014-07-15_0017 2014-07-15_0018 2014-07-15_0019 2014-07-15_0020

Miss D
2014-07-15_0023 2014-07-15_0024 2014-07-15_0025 2014-07-15_0026 2014-07-15_0027 2014-07-15_0028 2014-07-15_0029 2014-07-15_0030 2014-07-15_0031 2014-07-15_0032 2014-07-15_0033 2014-07-15_0034 2014-07-15_0035 2014-07-15_0036 2014-07-15_0037 2014-07-15_0038 2014-07-15_0039

Miss G
2014-07-15_0040 2014-07-15_0041 2014-07-15_0042 2014-07-15_0043 2014-07-15_0044 2014-07-15_0045 2014-07-15_0046 2014-07-15_0047 2014-07-15_0048 2014-07-15_0049 2014-07-15_0050 2014-07-15_0051 2014-07-15_0052 2014-07-15_0053 2014-07-15_0054 2014-07-15_0055

Miss K
2014-07-15_0056 2014-07-15_0057 2014-07-15_0058 2014-07-15_0059 2014-07-15_0060 2014-07-15_0061 2014-07-15_0062 2014-07-15_0063 2014-07-15_0064 2014-07-15_0065 2014-07-17_0001 2014-07-15_0066 2014-07-15_0067 2014-07-15_0068 2014-07-15_0069

“You have a special way with people and it showed in my photos from start to finish, watching myself unfold and become more confident along the way. When you sent me the sneak peak, I could not believe my own eyes and was moved to tears as we never get to see ourselves, but only in the mirror. Your work will forever give me the confidence in knowing that I really am beautiful too. I have gotten several compliments from friends that I have shared the book with that were not only surprised that I did a boudoir shoot, but very complimentary after seeing your blog on how classy you and your work really are.

So, about the unveiling….I could hardly wait the entire week to give the album to my husband on his birthday, but I wrapped it up tightly and moved it out of sight, out of mind until the day of. He did not believe his eyes when he opened it for the very first time! The look on his face was just as I imagined, priceless, but highly satisfactory. He couldn’t believe it was me and he had no idea this was coming. He was VERY pleased and said: “This has been the BEST gift ever!”

Thank you, Miranda for providing such a memorable service to women and couples in our area, you really helped me make my husband’s day!”

Miss N, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and giving you (and your husband) this gift! You did an amaaaazing job and I’m so happy to get to share some of your images. Thank you!

2014-07-08_0031 2014-07-08_0032 2014-07-08_0033
2014-07-08_0037 2014-07-08_0038 2014-07-08_0039 2014-07-08_0040 2014-07-08_0041 2014-07-08_0042 2014-07-08_0043 2014-07-08_0044 2014-07-08_0045 2014-07-08_0046 2014-07-08_0047 2014-07-08_0030 2014-07-08_0048

Excited to have permission from a recent client to share some identity protected images.  Thank you to the stunning Miss R, who had an amazing session!
2014-07-02_0002 2014-07-02_0003 2014-07-02_0004 2014-07-02_0005

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