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Miss K

“Dear Miranda:

Today I would like to say thank you. Scheduling my appointment with you was incredibly terrifying, I will not lie. I have watched your work since you began boudoir & always looked and said “Someday.” At the time what I meant was this:

Someday when I wear a smaller size. Someday when my flaws are gone. Someday when I think I’m beautiful. Someday when my muscle tone is tight. Someday when….. It has taken me this many years to stop living for “someday” & live for today which is why I finally booked this experience!

For as long as I can remember I suffered with self-confidence. I spent well over half of my life hating my short, stocky & solid body. My inner critic was so strong with hate, doubt, insecurity and filled with thoughts of being inadequate.

The past year I have been on a journey to self-love as I have traveled through some stormy days of divorce, adjusting to being single & many struggles with my daughter’s health. I think your session was the final page of truly falling in love with me. I walked into your gorgeous studio with nerves running high, I might have been shaking. I had almost canceled due to a long stressful & emotional week with my daughter’s health. The moment I walked in I felt very welcomed as I sat in the chair to get my hair & make-up done and the nerves quickly disappeared through conversations.

As the camera began to click and I stood there exposed, I was thankful I quit saying “someday” & I said “today” regardless of my size or the tightness lacking in places. It was being there in front of the camera I knew I was me & I was exactly who I was supposed to be. I felt confident, I felt strong, I felt important, I embraced the feeling of being exposed. I looked into the camera lense for me. Just me. It was in that moment I realized that on my journey I finally came to love me. The authentic me.

I sit here & stare at my images. At times, I have tears in my eyes as I look. What I see is me, the me I truly am. She is not a size 4 with tight & toned muscles. She is a mom in her mid-30s who is strong & her body shows strength, she has lines & bumps all over her body showing her role as a mom & showing signs of years with weight struggles. I no longer wish I looked like anyone else as I look at me! To me, I look at my eyes in these images & know they are telling such a story. I hope it is a story that many women can hear; a story I hope women want to write for themselves.

I truly believe that every woman should do a boudoir session. The entire experience felt empowering & was truly a confidence boost! I know that as women we struggle to feel sexy & we struggle to make ourselves a priority as we care for all those around us. But, every woman deserves to take the time to experience what this session will do for them; magic always happens outside of our comfort zone & I’m confident that every woman that walks into your studio finds a piece of their own magic that quite possibly they lost years ago or never knew they had. I hope they want to write their story today & not “someday.”

For me, this was a perfect page in my journey. These pictures & the way I felt that day I will forever embrace. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to look & see the beauty & the magic in myself & for giving me the opportunity to love me as a whole & to see the beauty that may appear to be from the outside but I know….the beauty is shining from the inside.” 2015-11-25_0002 2015-11-25_0003 2015-11-25_0004 2015-11-25_0005 2015-11-25_0006 2015-11-25_0007 2015-11-25_0008 2015-11-25_0009 2015-11-25_0010 2015-11-25_0012 2015-11-25_0014 2015-11-25_0015 2015-11-25_0016 2015-11-25_0019 2015-11-25_0020 2015-11-25_0021

  • Carol - Miss K – absolutely stunning photographs of you. Miranda captured you perfectly. I hope to have my boudior shots taken someday too.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Miss K – YES! CONGRATULATIONS! You are beautiful, and I can tell by your writing you have a beautiful soul. I keep saying “someday” as well, and have just begun my year of getting ‘healthy’ for myself. Not thin, not training for a 1/2 marathon, not to lose dress sizes… just healthy. I read your message and see your photos and think “YES”. mee too!! 🙂ReplyCancel


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