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Miss G –

Yes, I had a lot of anticipation in the weeks approaching my session date. I went to Victoria’s Secret at least five time. I couldn’t make up my mind on what to wear. I had three body suits and ended up returning all of them only to purchase the original body suit all over again! But it truly hit me when my GPS said I was 5 minutes from my destination, and I was early…so I sat in my car with sweaty palms and giant butterflies. When it was time I took a deep breath, opened my car door, gathered my things and walked across the street. My nerves where gone once I walked through the door and the rest is in the photos.

It was so easy, Miranda is great and so kind and she knows what she is doing! She made me look my best 🙂

I followed Miranda Parker Boudoir/Photography on social media for about a year after seeing my friend “like” Miranda’s page. I thought her photos were great but never thought I would actually ever do something like that. But on January 1st I made my New Year’s resolution…”Do something you’ve never done before, do something for you.” So I did, the next day I emailed Miranda to set up my session.

I think so, yes. I don’t feel sexy on a daily basis. Like most women, I lead a busy life…I run from on place to the next, throw my clothes on, a splash of make up, if your lucky I’ll do my hair, I’m tired 95% of the time. But in these photos….I look good, I look really good! I never thought that I could look like this or be one of “those” women in her photos. But I am! I am of those sexy, confident, beautiful women.

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