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Miss D – I am a woman and I am beautiful…

I thought maybe it would be a little strange or awkward, coming in to meet this person that was going to take half nude photos of me for the first time, but I was so pleasantly surprised that is was nothing like that. The warmth I was greeted with , put my mind at ease. Sent right to make up, where I was dolled up. It was so encouraging, to be told that I was gorgeous by the make up artist. I was stunned by the beautiful glam look she gave me. Then the photos started and Miranda made me feel so comfortable right away. It just felt normal and I wasn’t expecting that. That made it sooo much more fun. I loved moving from room to room and position to postion. With Miranda’s guidance, it made it so down to earth and relaxing. The whole experience was the best.

I recently lost 40lbs and felt healthy . I felt like I was finally comfortable in my body . My boyfriend noticed, and he has made me feel even sexier. I knew he would love something like this and be so surprised that I couldn’t help myself.

100% I feel so confident and sexy about this whole experience. ┬áThis experience made me feel like a woman . I felt for some time that maybe I was too young to say that I am a woman and be able to do these sexy things like boudoir. But this photoshoot made me comfrim with myself that I’m a woman and I am beautiful and I can show that off. Going through the process of these photos was memorable and I truly enjoyed it.

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