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Couples Boudoir – This is the gift of a lifetime…

Were you nervous for your session?

I am blessed enough to have worked with Miranda before. This is how I know she is the best at her craft: the first time I did my boudoir shoot with her (a wedding gift for my husband), there was this element of excitement and that made it a defining moment in my life, and an unforgettable experience. The connection she provides with her work–and even more her beautiful soul–truly impacted me. And this time? There was an element of trust. I knew that no matter what, these pictures would be perfect, the experience would be perfect. She was the only one to do it. It is SO wonderful to be able place my trust in someone who is capturing such intimate moments. The ability to build those elements upon each other is truly the mark of a life-changing, amazing person [photographer]. And of course the experience was an absolute dream. And my husband knew how much he LOVED the photos of only me, so he was excited to have some, just as special, of the two of us!

Knowing that no matter how goofy we felt together in the moment, that each photo would be its own work of art. Somewhere, between all the laughs and casual conversation, Miranda was carefully working to capture intimate, defining images of the two of us and our love together.

We’ve been so blessed to spend a lot of happy years together, which means a lot of photos! But we have nothing like this. There’s something very special about the connection between a husband and wife. The fire of your shared passion and intimacy is something no one else will ever have or know–it is uniquely yours. How Miranda captured it, I’ll never understand, but in these photos, I see so much more than the man I fell in love with. It’s all the reasons why and it’s the sensuality that keeps things exciting after 10 years. This is the gift of a lifetime.

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