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I have worked with this couple many times, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about them.  I invited them to be our model couple for our Boudoir Exposed workshop held in Nashville in March, and was beyond thrilled when they accepted!  A few words from the couple…

“Fantasy. That’s what these images are to us. There’s something so heady about late-afternoon light and water and perfect bathtubs, and being immersed in all of it with the one you love.

But there’s something deeper here, too: our story. Yes, we notice all the things above when we look at our pictures, but we also see the journey of more than a decade that we’ve been on together. There’s tenderness, support, triumph over struggle, learning, communication and connection. And the remembrance that when the two of you build those aspects up in your relationship, you have all the power to make the fantasy real regardless of the time you’ve spent together. Perhaps even more because of it.

To have this captured in a perfect set of photographs…it’s magical. They preserve the love and intimacy we had in that moment, and spark the very same in us each time we see them again. It’s important to celebrate love and to recognize the beauty in it, especially because of the rarity that makes it yours alone.

No amount of words will describe what we feel for each other, but to have those feelings turned into a work of art, well, we are simply speechless. We have Miranda to thank for that once again!”

Were you nervous about your session?

Only a little, which is natural. I had complete confidence in you and your work that I knew the images would turn out beautifully. As a photographer myself, it’s always a little nerve wracking to be on the other side of the camera. I was also nervous about meeting you because well…you’re Miranda Parker!

Miranda knows not only photography and editing, it’s much more than that, she knows the female body and mind set. She will not pose you just to pose you, I could tell that the instructions she was giving were only to benefit me and my body. Miranda was also right there posing with me so I knew exactly what to do and didn’t feel lost in the movements. She’s wonderful, hardworking, beautiful inside and out and radiates charisma.

All of the other females that went before me. This has been a bucket list item for so long, I knew deep down there was never going to be a right time. If I was going to do a boudior session it needed to be now, as I am, in this season of my life. Being a mom, it’s easy to loose that sexy beautiful spark within yourself; this session with you helped me regain that.

Everything. From walking in to seeing your studio, getting hair and makeup done by the talented Lacey while chatting with you…to being able to dress up in lingerie and feel sexy at the same time and feeling a complete natural high when all was said and done. Amazing.Penn

I was both nervous and excited about my session. The nerves were completely due to any insecurities I may have had about my body, or wondering if I would be able to actually look sexy. All of those nerves melted away as soon as stepped into the studio. Miranda and the make up/hair artist, Lacey, made me feel at ease right away.

The way I felt when I left the studio was indescribable. I was a different person walking out than when I walked in. I immediately had more confidence about myself. I had put off booking this for so long because I lacked so much confidence in myself. It could have ended right there, without seeing any photos after and I would have been so happy I did it. Viewing the photos after and having them is an added bonus and are continual reminders that not only do I love myself so much more than I thought I ever could, but I’m brave and shouldn’t ever doubt myself.

My husband mentioned years ago he would love for me to do something like this. Throughout my life I’ve struggled with body image concerns and the constant feeling of not being good enough for (fill in the blank).This was one of those experiences I didn’t think I had any business participating in because I thought “there’s nothing special about me.” I got tired of coming up with excuses not to and knew I was at a time in my life that I needed to experience that freedom and begin to love my body and myself so much more than I was. Today, I know there are so many things special about me. This experience was about so much more than my body or how I look physically. For whatever reason, it helped me cross a boundary I had created for myself years ago and I’m forever grateful that I did it and for the support that Miranda gives during the process!

I looked at a lot photographers work on line, read reviews, etc., and Miranda’s style was always classy, yet sexy and matched best with my personalty. The photos all looked like something I would like and everything about the website and materials sent made me comfortable knowing I was working with a true professional. I didn’t think twice about the 2+ hour drive and every step along the way she proved I made the absolute right decision!

The entire experience was exciting from the time I booked the session until I received my boudoir package in the mail. One thing that struck me in particular was that around the time of my session, I was experiencing a great deal of life stress that was affecting me in a negative way. During the shoot, it felt like I got to step into another world where I got to focus on myself instead of worrying about anything or anyone else. While I regret not feeling 100% mindful and present in the moment during the shoot, Miranda still managed to bring out a sense of balance, composure, and strength from me that I didn’t know I had.

I came across Miranda’s Instagram through someone who had done a session with her previously. I’ve loved the idea of boudoir since I first learned about it, but it never occurred to me that it was something women would just do for themselves (rather than before a wedding or other occasion, for example). I wanted to do it for myself, to tap in to the side of me that loves the glamour and sense of empowerment that boudoir inspires.

The quality of Miranda’s work speaks for itself, but reading the words of other women who have worked with her before sold me on the idea 100%. Miranda is a phenomenal artist who produces not only incredible images, but also inspires positive change in the lives she touches. If I was going to do a boudoir session, I wanted to work with someone whose purpose is greater than building a pretty portfolio. Her passion for empowering women and helping them to see their beauty and strength as individuals was clear to me, and this made her my obvious choice.

It did, but not in the way I expected. Reading Miranda’s blog, other women talked about feeling beautiful, incredible, powerful, etc. leaving the studio after their session. Perhaps because I was in such a weird head space at the time, and that the experience forced me out of my comfort zone (in a good way!), my immediate reaction afterwards was a bit anxious and self-conscious. But in the days and weeks that followed, I noticed a growing sense of self-compassion that seemed to be directly tied to my boudoir experience. I spent more time doing things that made me feel good — eating well, finding joy in movement, spending time on my hair and makeup, and generally just slowing down and tuning in to how I was feeling and how I could take care of myself. In that sense, the experience was less of a sudden revelation and more of a gradual awakening to the conscious and deliberate process of self-compassion.

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